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​黃阿樂, 香港電影作曲家協會會員, 於加拿大萊斯布里奇大學畢業音樂製作系,及後在 European Academy of Fine Arts 完成GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN FILM & GAME SCORING, 回港後成立甜薯音樂工作室, 主力為電影電視、動畫、廣告及遊戲製作配樂,音效及配音,曾在台灣藝術大學擔任客席講師為電影大學生,碩士生分享配樂心得。

Music Composer

Johnny Wong, a Hong Kong Film Composer Association member, completed his Music Degree in Canada and subsequently achieved a Graduate Diploma In Film & Game Scoring from the European Academy of Fine Arts. In 2014, he established Sweet Potato Music, specializing in creating captivating music, sound effects, and voice-overs for multimedia platforms. His expertise in film scoring led to an exclusive invitation to speak at the National Taiwan University of Arts,  sharing profound insights on film music and associated topics.

Mixer Keys

Latest Work 近期工作

Jabra Elite 10 真無線耳機 Kick Off Ceremony